Polkadot Mocha

0 Comments Tuesday, August 5, 2014 | @ 6:08 PM

The idea of adding a smattering of color in the likes of glitzy gold accents, PEACE symbols and peacock blue turquoise, to an otherwise basic set
of black, blue and dark denim, excites me to no end. I also really love the idea of pairing gladiator sandals with ultra-short shorts and a slouchy leather woven Miu Miu bag. The gorgeous apple red Rayban wayfarers
and studded accents complete the look. And what could be a better choice for summer reading than the infamous Skinny Bitch (which I have already read 3 times!!!)
*please credit me: http:fashionchalet.blogaspot.com if used elsewhere. Thank you! ♥

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