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(Tag number 1)Tagged by the sweet Michelle of Neon Stilettos
5 Things Found in my Purse
- wallet
- keys
- pink RAZR
- bonne bell lipgloss
- spearmint gum
5 Things Found in my Wallet
- credit cards
- debit card
- cash
- license
- photos of my family
5 Things Found in my Room
- books
- cd's
- stereo
- TV & DVD player
- magazines 5 Things I've always wanted to do
- travel all of Europe
- purchase a Yacht
- Shop in Paris
- Go to New York City!!
- Surfing in Hawaii
5 Things I'm currently into
- Blogging
- Tennis
- Shopping for shoes
- Collecting obscure artists
- Selling Vintage
5 Impressions of my Tagger
- Sweet
- Creative
- Loves heels (stilettos)
- a fan of Red lipstick
- great at applying eyeliner
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